Masterclass Design of Instrumented Safeguards

According to specialistic studies, faulty design is by far the major root cause of safeguarding systems not being able to facilitate a safe process state.
Design errors nullify the efforts in ensuring the desired availability for safety instrumented functions. These errors originate from incomplete, misinterpreted, fragmented or inconsistent design requirement specifications shared among different parties. For this reason, IEC61508 and IEC61511 requirements help prevent faulty design of the instrumented safeguards. In this course you will learn what minimum requirements exist for your instrumented safety barriers in your process installation and how to apply the requirements for achieving barrier integrity.


Process and automation engineers, project engineers, project managers, sales engineers, procurement personnel, technical reviewers, safety assessors.
Business of interest include engineering companies, automation companies, integrators, contractors, inspection and auditing companies. Due to the nature and content of the course, requiring direct involvement and participation of the attendees, the participation is advised for people with a minimum of 3 year experience in process safety, and practical knowledge of the concepts and methods of functional safety.


This course teaches the minimum requirements to build a consistent Safety Requirements Specificatons in a practical and hands-on way. The understanding of the main requirements is achieved based on the results of practical case studies from the field. By working out the case studies in person, you will not simply learn the content of the requirements, but also deduce the relevance and necessity of the requirements as if it were by first-hand experience. This  approach will engage you for the whole day, bring the subject near to you and increase the retention time of what you learn. 


The D&F master classes enjoy a high degree of practical applicability. The theory elements are always concluded with assignments, during which the participant brings the knowledge he gained directly into practice.


At the end of this training:

  • You can list the minimum ingredients of an SRS according to Functional Safety norms
  • You can judge whether a generic set of input documents represents an SRS
  • You have become aware of the nature of pitfalls that may be hidden in a non-compliant SRS and can make target searches
  • You are aware of the possible consequences of the pitfalls in real plant life and will be able to pay attention in your plant or project.


Our Masterclasses are always highly interactive with plenty of room for discussion and questions.
Please contact us at +31 (0)765 040 340 for more information concerning this course and options for in-house training (English speaking). We provide this course worldwide. 


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Materclass Design of Instrumented Safeguards

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  • 22 januari 2021

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